T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis

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Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $348.95

Special Price $299.00

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T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis

T'Rex Metal Chassis

T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis Description:

 The T'Rex Tank Chassis is equipped with two independently driven 12V gearmotors with a typical current rating of 4A (No Load at 1.3A & Stall Current at 11A with a 5000mAh LiPo Battery). Each motor drives one tank tread that offers three lower wheels that help to improve traction and reduce shock to the main body and controller. On that note: the gears, tracks, suspension struts, and wheels are all made of die cast zinc which offers a fair amount of corrosion resistance reducing the constant need of maintenance and upkeep.


T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis kit


Inside the T'Rex tank chassis aluminum body you will find plenty of space for your motor controller, batteries, sensors, and anything else you could possibly need space for. Two top panels can be easily removed via four spring catches mounted in between the wheels. Additionally, the front hinged cover plate can be removed to affix any large sensor(s) to your T'Rex, you can even attach a custom plate to fit your preference (we’re waiting to see someone 3D Print a T-Rex head and attach it to one of these guys)! Since the chassis does have a full aluminum body it will block any electrical noise and radio signals so you will need to attach any receiver or transmitter to the outside of the T'Rex.

  • All-metal tank chassis designed for all-terrain robot projects
  • Ideal for the roughest terrain with high ground clearance
  • Good corrosion resistance with aluminium body
  • Independent suspension for improved traction and shock absorption


T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis

T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis Power:

 There is plenty of room inside for batteries, the T'REX controller and a development board. The T'REX has 12V motors. The T'REX controller includes a switch-mode power supply that can efficiently supply 6V for servos and 5V for a development board.

T'Rex Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis- Click to Enlarge

T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis Removable sensor panel:

The front sensor panel can be removed to make it easy to drill mounting holes for sensors. This panel can also be reversed so that sensors can be mounted further back.

T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis Maintenance:

The body is aluminium, the gears, tracks, suspension struts and wheels are die cast zinc. These metals offer good corrosion resistance so no maintenance for these parts is required. The idler wheels can be easily removed for cleaning by removing the circlip on the shaft. Be careful when removing these as they are under spring tension and may shoot off. The idler wheels have brass bushings that require minimum maintenance. A dry lubricant should be used for the idler wheels and gearbox.

T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis Motor:

  • Typical voltage: 12V
  • No-Load current: 1.3A
  • Typical current: 4A
  • Stall current: 11A

T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis Controller

T'Rex Metal Tank All Terrain Metal Chassis Controller 

T'Rex Metal Tank Chassis Controller Description: 

T'Rex doesn't want to be fed, he wants to hunt! The T'Rex controller from DAGU is an Arduino compatible robot controller designed to power and control servos and brushed motors. This controller combines an Arduino development board with a dual FET H-bridge motor driver. The heart of the board is an ATMega328P AVR microcontroller which comes loaded with the Arduino bootloader and some simple control code. The code on each T'Rex controller can be easily accessed and changed in the Arduino IDE using the built in USB interface, ISP, or FTDI sockets.

The T'REX controller is rated for a maximum voltage of 30V and can handle currents in excess of 40A per motor. A set of screw terminals are provided for the battery connection as well as for connecting motor outputs. 
The Dual H bridges are rated for stall currents of 40A per motor and average currents of 18A per motor. Factory calibrated hall-effect sensors measure current draw of each motor. Each motor has independent variable electronic braking. Self-resetting PTC fuses prevent damage from stalled motors.

This board is ready to go out-of-the-box! The supplied code will accept input from a standard RC vehicle receiver and handle the "mixing" for differential steering. If you would rather control it with BlueTooth or I2C input, that can be done simply by downloading the proper Arduino sketch, providing an optional BlueTooth dongle, and/or changing a few constants. Also, because it is an Arduino compatible controller, feel free to write your own control scheme or even load it up with sensors and go autonomous! Uploading code is as simple as selecting "Arduino Nano w/ 328" under the boards menu in the Arduino IDE.

T'Rex Metal Tank Chassis Controller Dimensions: 4.33" x 2.4" x 1"

T'Rex Metal Tank Chassis Controller Features:

  • 6V -30V operation with built in solid state power switch.
  • Programmable with the Arduino IDE (ATMega328P, 5V @ 16MHz).
  • Dual FET "H" bridge rated 18A with self resetting PTC fuses.
  • Electronic braking and current monitoring for each motor.
  • 3-axis accelerometer provides angle and impact detection.
  • Auto-detects RC, BlueTooth, or I2C control.
  • Voltage translation on I2C interface.
  • 6x Servo Outputs.

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