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Free shipping Hobbywing Switch-Mode UBEC-8A Step-Down Regulator for RC Aircraft


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Hobbywing 8 Amps Switch-Mode UBEC Max 15A

Hobbywing 8 Amps Switch-Mode UBEC Max 15A

Why do you need UBEC?

The 8A-UBEC is a switch-mode DC-DC regulator, and when supplied with a 2-3 cells lithium battery pack,this unit outputs a consistent & safe voltage for your receiver,gyro,and servos.
This UBEC very suitable for RC helicopter (above 30 class) and large fixed-wing aircraft. 
Compared with the linear mode UBEC, the overall efficiency of the switch-mode BEC is much higher,so it can extend the working time of the battery pack, and because a switch mode UBEC can significantly reduce the heat emission,it can avoid the loss of control caused by over heating, which frequently happens with linear mode UBEC's.

Hobbywing 8 Amps Switch-Mode UBEC Max 15A Specification:

  • Output: 5V/8A or 6V/8A (Changeable with an output-voltage select switch)
  • Input: 6V-12.6V (2-3 cells lithium battery pack)
  • Size: 42mm*39mm*9mm (length*width*height)
  • Weight: 34g
  • Quiescent current: 60mA

Hobbywing 8 Amps Switch-Mode UBEC Max 15A Features:

  1. Designed with an advanced switch mode DC-DC regulator IC, the max efficiency of the chip is up to 92%.
  2. Large output current - continuous output current is up to 8A, and the burst output current is 15A.
  3. Features output short-circuit protection function, and an over-heat protection function.
  4. Uses a metal shield, covering nearly all the electronics, and a special filter to dramatically reduce electromagnitic interference.
  5. Automatically detects cell count (2 cells or 3 cells), and shows battery capacity with 4 indicators (LEDs).  
  6. Shows the working status with an indicator (LED), lights when the output is in normal range.
  7. Accessories: (1) step-down voltage regulator 

Wiring Method:

Hobbywing 8 Amps Switch-Mode UBEC Max 15A Wiring Method


Hobbywing 8 Amps Switch-Mode UBEC Max 15A Special Explanation:

  1. Although we have tried our best to reduce the electromagnetic interference caused by switch model UBEC, it still may cause some interference to the receiver.
  2. So, please install the filter far away from the UBEC's main board, and Do Not stack the filter on the main board. Please install the whole UBEC as far as possible away from the receiver.
  3. This UBEC is only designed for use of lithium battery packs; we don't recommend the use of NiMh/NiCd battery pack.
  4. The input polarity must be correct; otherwise, the UBEC will be damaged. Please check the polarity carefully before connecting the battery pack.

How to Use the UBEC?

Changing Output Voltage:
To change the output voltage, the voltage is chosen by an output-voltage select switch.If the switch is located at Pin 1 and Pin 2, the output power is 5V.
If the switch is located at Pin 2 and Pin 3,the output power will be 6V.
Please refer to the wiring diagram on the left side.Working Status Indicator (LED):
The LED shows whether the output is normal or not. With normal output voltage, the LED light will illuminate.
If the LED light isn't illuminated, please check the battery. Power capacity indicators - (4 LEDs).

Hobbywing 8 Amps Switch-Mode UBEC Max 15A

 â—means the LED lights, ● means the LED does not light

When you are using a 3 cells lithium battery pack, if there is only one LED ("STOP") light, that means the voltage is less than 9.9V - please change the battery pack as soon as possible,otherwise it will be damaged because of over-discharging. For a fully-discharged 3S 11.1V battery pack, if the voltage is less than 9V, please don’t use it again before it is recharged,otherwise the UBEC may mistakenly consider this battery as 2 cells, so the power capacity indication function will be confused.

On & Off Output Switch:

When set to the "On" position, the UBEC will supply power. When set to the "Off" position, power will not be supplied.

Step Down Voltage Regulator:

  • Allowing use of Futaba servo models 9241, 9251, 9253, 9254, 9255, 9256 and other digital servos not capable of handling 6V, this small device can change the voltage from 6V to 5.3V when in use.
  • When the UBEC’s output is set to 6V,the step-down voltage regulator is useful.
  • Connect the regulator inline between the Gyro and the rudder servo, or between the receiver and the servo.
  • If you are using a servo that can accept 6V input, the regulator is not required.



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