Dagu Rover 5 Tracked Chassis with 2 Encoders 2WD robot chassis


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Dagu Rover 5 Tracked Chassis with Encoders feature:

The Dagu Rover 5 4WD Tracked Chassis w/ Settable Ground Clearance is a unique and powerful tracked chassis. Unlike conventional tracked chassis a unique feature is the ability to adjust its height and, therefore, the clearance under its body by changing the angles at which the gearbox assemblies are mounted on the body. Interlocking teeth on the body and the gearboxes hold them in place and allow you to make adjustments in 5° increments by unscrewing a metal bracket inside the chassis, removing a gearbox, and reinserting it at a different angle. The elastic rubber tracks maintain sufficient tension with several different gearbox angles, allowing the chassis height to vary by nearly 1.5" (3.8 cm).

The standard chassis comes with two motors and gearboxes. Each gearbox has an optical quadrature encoder with a resolution of 1000 state changes per 3 revolutions of the output shaft (333.33 pulses per revolution). This chassis is ideal for mecanum wheels. The chassis is compatible with Pololu's expansion plates for the RP5 chassis. These plates are ideal for mounting hardware on the chassis. The gearbox angle can be changed in 5 degree increments and adapters are available allowing standard RC car wheels to be fitted.

Currently manufacturer has a PCB designed to allow Arduino development boards (not included) Diecimila, Duemilanove, Nano and Mega to mount easily on the chassis. This PCB includes power supply, motor drivers with current sensing, IR sensors on each corner, 2 small breadboards, a pan/tilt kit with the IR compound eye and a large prototype area under the breadboards where custom circuitry can be fitted.


Dagu rover 5 tracked chassis Gear speed encoder



Dagu rover 5 tracked chassis with Encoders specifications:

  • durable plastic body
  • 6-AA battery holder included
  • two brushed DC motors with 210 mA free run and 2.4 A stall current at 7.2 V
  • Two encoders.
  • maximum speed of 10 in/s (25 cm/s) at 7.2 V
  • ability to scale inclines limited only by friction
  • height and clearance can be varied by adjusting gearbox angles
  • dimensions: 9.5 x 9" x 3" (24.5 x 22.5 x 7.5 cm) in default configuration
  • weight: 1.6 lb (0.72 kg) 
  • Rover 5 tank chassis packing include:

    • 1x Tank chassis(Durable plastic body)
    • 1x AA battery holder included
    • 2x Brushed DC motors
    • 2x Quadrature Encoder


    Dagu rover 5 tracked chassis Gear speed encoder



    Dagu rover 5 tracked chassis settable ground clearance robot tracked platform

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