C-Control robot systemRP6 robot system kits

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RP6 robto system description:

RP6 robot system the heart of the robot is a powerful micro-controller ATMEL32 (32 kB Flash, 2 kB SRAM and the speed of 8 million instructions per second). Programming is done with Open Source Tools (avr-gcc) in the high-level language ''C''. The very extensive RP6 function library and a lot of sample programs simplify the programming. Your own programs can be loaded quickly from the PC in the micro-controller via the accompanying USB-interface. The robot can do the following: Respond fully autonomous, avoid obstacles with the infrared sensors, respond to collision with scan sensors, react to light and follow the light sources, communicate with the other robots via IR. Two high-resolution speed controllers for a precise speed control and path measurement. Intake of motor current is monitored, in order to be able to react in case of blockages. Monitoring of battery voltage, programming and sensor states are displayed with 6 LEDs.
By means of a very flexible extension system (a strip board experimenting board also shipped) the capabilities of the robot can be extended in any way with additional sensors, actors and micro-controllers. The bus system is based on I²C-bus and can connect up to 127 bus participants with one another. The extension board can be mounted directly on the robot symmetrically front and behind and can be stacked one above the other.

RP6 robto system characteristics:

  • Powerful ATMEGA32 processor
  • ideal size for football robot tournaments
  • extensive sensor systems and sample programmes

RP6 robto system annexed in the supply:

  • USB-interface with cable
  • Experimenting board
  • CD-ROM with detailed documentation for Windows® and Linux.


RP6 robto system additional information:

You need 6 Mignon-batteries or rechargeable batteries.


RP6 robto system technical details & specifications:

Current consumption: ~ 500 mA
Specification: Pre-assembled
Dimensions(L x W x H): 172 x 128 x 50 mm
Power supply: 6 AA batteries/rechargeable batteries


C-Control robot systemRP6 robot system kits


RP6 robto system User Guide:

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