arduino duemilanove 2009 ATMEGA 328P

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Arduino duemilanove 2009 ATMEGA 328P

This control board based on Atmega328, there are 14 digital input/output feet, six analog input, 16 Mhz crystals, USB link, the power supply socket and ICSP connector. It contains a microprocessor must the all components, just a USB cable into the computer can begin to use.

Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328P specifications:

  1.  Microcontroller core: AVRmega328P - PU (processing speed of up to 20MIPS).
  2.  Operating voltage: +5 V.
  3.  external input voltage: +7 V to the +12 V (recommended).
  4.  the external input voltage (extreme value): +6 V ≤ Vin ≤ at +20 V.
  5.  digital signal I / O ports: 14.
  6.  PWM output interface)Analog signal input interface.
  7.  DC the I / O interface current: 40 mA7.Flash capacity: 16 KB (other 2K for the bootloader).
  8.  SRAM static storage capacity: 1KB.
  9.  EEPROM storage capacity: 512 bytes.
  10.  Clock frequency: 16MHz.

Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328P Packing include:

  • 1 x arduino duemilanove 2009 ATMEGA 328P
  • 1 x USB Cable

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