Arduino beginners ATMEGA328P microcontroller development Board kit

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Arduino beginners duemilanove 2009 ATMEGA328P microcontroller development board kits

Arduino duemilanove 2009 ATMEGA328P superiority

1.LED light more accord with human body engineering:

Arduino original board on the four LED all design in internal, not accord with human body engineering, there are many subjects and often to the neck, for as long as the plug in expanded plate, will get down to see LED. So we based on the most advanced UNO32 solutions, will these four LED all moved to the front of the board, convenient experiment observation.

2. The more convenient analog input (output):

Arduino steering gear and sensor in again every time almost all to want to add buy expanded plate, and a pile of wire, therefore we also close all the analog input (also can output _ it with 14 to 19 Pin set) to the Vcc Gnd, so can plug in immediately (but please be careful polarity _ its negative. Positive. Signal)

3. The more convenient PWM output.

In the PWM or do some extend, RELAY infrared receiving, temperature measurement, our board also provide you the warm six groups of PWM (or the I/O) (but please be careful polarity of the signal. Positive __ it. Negative) the terminals of the row needles. Considering the stability, so we do not hesitate to you of cost an additional two voltage capacitance, and thus are more stable (master can also add more capacitors).

4. Increase the power supply and grounding a foot.

Now when we want to take the power supply is often not enough time with, for example, sometimes need to use logic pen, all have no place good clip. So we in the fully do not affect any function, under the premise of more power row needles (if you don't use, can add short circuit, prevent contact the above set expansion board and short circuit)

5. Increase the width of the copper platinum, increase the stability.

This paragraph Arduino go line as far as possible some of the wide. Thick go line, when you use the moment the output of the rapid change, waveform will still pretty much. Again it's structure will also security many, because we were found some manufacturer behind the fall Arduino copper platinum easily broken, so to get this modified.

6. Boosting the maximum current 3.3 v.

Arduino FT232RL use the 3.3 V output power supply, maximum output current is only about 50 mA, meets the need of large current 3.3 module, will power supply shortage. So we use ASM1117-33 output 3.3 V power supply, current 1000 mA back connect you with SD card 3 G_Sensor Zbee wii chicken legs, and so on the 3.3 V device, as long as the move finger will your all the I/O foot into 3.3 V clever players know, thus saved 4050 IC and dividing resistor, also saved wiring of time.

7. Increase can be expanded to space.

We board to reserve two holes, a central, can according to your needs and large capacitance (capacity is not equal to the big volume) or 2.54/2 PIN the terminal, reserved for you infinite imaginary space.

Arduino duemilanove ATMEGA328P

This control board based on Atmega328, there are 14 digital input/output feet, six analog input, 16 Mhz crystals, USB link, the power supply socket and ICSP connector. It contains a microprocessor must the all components, just a USB cable into the computer can begin to use.

Arduino duemilanove ATMEGA328P specifications: 

  • Microcontroller core: AVRmega328P - PU (processing speed of up to 20MIPS).
  • Operating voltage: +5 V.
  • External input voltage: +7 V to the +12 V (recommended).
  • The external input voltage (extreme value): +6 V ≤ Vin ≤ at +20 V.
  • Digital signal I / O ports: 14.
  • PWM output interface)Analog signal input interface.
  • DC the I / O interface current: 40 mA7.
  • Flash capacity: 16 KB (other 2K for the bootloader).
  • SRAM static storage capacity: 1KB.
  • EEPROM storage capacity: 512 bytes.
  • Clock frequency: 16MHz.

ARDUINO  to how-to tutorials outline:

  • control a led lights in the experiment.
  • use PWM control LED lamp brightness changes.
  • scrolling experiment Buzzer experiment.
  • digital tube experiments.• key experiment.
  • adjustable resistance control LED.
  • tilt switches experiment.
  • electric voice experiment.
  • fire alarm experiment.
  • vies to answer first device experiment.
  • temperature alarm experiment.
  • infrared remote control experiment.

Arduino beginners suite duemilanove 2009 ATMEGA328P Packing include:

  • 1 x Arduino duemilanove 2009 ATMEGA 328 P development board.
  • 1 x Prototype development expansion board.
  • 1 x MINI bread board.
  • 1 x Arduino senior bread board.
  • 1 x 10 * 20 CM, 2 MM thick transparent organic glass (convenient experiment circuit, also can do the intelligence to pick up the car chassis).
  • 1 x Double resistance to cast components box.
  • 1x Rectangular Patch components box. convenient small the placement of the material.
  • 15 x LED lights (red, yellow ,green every five pcs).
  • 2 x buzzer.
  • 4 x key switch.
  • 2 x Nixie tube.
  • 2 x mercoid switch(Sometimes USES ball switch instead).
  • 3 x photoresistance.
  • 1 x adjustable resistor.
  • 1 x flame sensor.
  • 1 x Infrared receiving tube.
  • 15 x Resistance(200Ω, 1K,10K each five pcs).
  • 1 x LM35 temperature transmitter20 x Colorful bread line.
  • 1 x USB Cable.
  • 1 x cell box.
  • 1 x 9v Battery.
  • 1 x Mini remote control.

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